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Friendship Bracelet Letter Patterns

Sujata Iyer Feb 28, 2019
Use some friendship bracelet letter patterns to make a cute bracelet for your BFF and yourself. Find out how to do it, here.
One of the best persons in your life, someone who will be with you through all your good and bad times, through all your tantrums and heartbreaks, through all your temper fits and your laughing fits, is your friend!
You may have a ton of acquaintances, but there are only a select few who really fit the bill of being a true friend. Not many get through that wall that you build around your heart. Won't you like to give this friend of yours something special and unique to always remember you by?
How about a cute little friendship bracelet? And it does not have to be something extravagant or expensive. It can be a woven bracelet with a beautiful patterns on it, or have beads strung together into the alphabet pattern.

Painted Bracelet

If you're looking for an easy pattern that involves letters, this is the one for you. All you need is a plain white piece of elastic, that will fit around your friend's wrist and some paints. Now what you have to do is, give the elastic a wash with the paint color of your choice.
Allow it to dry. Then, with a very thin brush, you can make some fancy designs on the bracelet: all around except in the center (the part that faces the sky). On that part, you can use your calligraphy skills and write your friend's name in a contrasting color.
After the entire bracelet dries, fix a clasp, or punch holes, and have a satin ribbon tied through them to tie the bracelet around the wrist.

Bead Bracelet

You'll need strings of nylon (according to the thickness you want), colorful beads (at least two colors), scissors, etc., for this idea. Here's how to do it. Take strings of equal length and knot them on one side. This will give you the breadth of the bracelet.
Now begin stringing the beads from the first string onwards, in such a way that the beginning is one color. Then after a little while, string the second color, together with the first one, in such a way that it forms a letter pattern. Spell out your friend's name or a common phrase that the both of you use using this pattern.

Woolen Bracelet

Here comes one of the most popular patterns. You'll need yarn in at least two colors. A piece of advice would be to, NOT cut them into strings. Rather, knot the beginning and begin braiding the two or three colors, and after you're done, cut them.
Alright, so you begin braiding the wool with two colors, and once you've braided them enough, introduce the third color. Continue the braiding, in a pattern that uses the three colors and forms the letter of your choice.

Letter Beads

Another very simple pattern is using letter beads. You can buy those tiny beads which have letters written on them. Or you can buy plain beads and paint the letters on them.
Now, take a nylon string or a woolen thread or any other relatively strong string. Allow the beads to dry if you've painted them. Thread the beads into the strings in the word or name of your choice.
Now, weren't those some truly easy patterns to make friendship bracelets and share with your friends? Go on, make them and have fun!