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Essential Jewelry Making Tools

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 12, 2019
Making jewelry at home takes a little more than your imagination. You must have a kit with some of the essential jewelry making tools to help you finish your designs with professional finesse.
Have you ever walked into a jewelry store, only to mentally alter the exhibited jewelry pieces? If the answer is yes, then designing jewelry is your chance to bring your imagination to life. The art of making jewelry takes a great amount of detailing and an undeviating focus.
So, if you believe you can invest in both, then get started with designing pricey necklaces and glamorous danglers. The biggest advantage of making your own jewelry is that the designs are unique and it matches your expectation.
To help you in your endeavor, here's a list of essential jewelry making tools that you will need to finish your project.

Requisite Tools for Jewelry Making

Making jewelry at home takes a little more than coming up with designs. To get the finesse of a professional jewelry maker, having essential jewelry making tools can prove to be of great help. This information will help you know what are these tools and how they help you.

Round Nose Pliers

Making loops is an important part of jewelry making. You may need to make loops to hang tiny danglers and sew threads through them, to fix hooks at the end or some little trinkets.
Round nose pliers make this task extremely easy. You will easily find these in a hobby store or you can look out for online deals as well.

Nylon Tipped Pliers

The curves at the gripping end of this plier make it easier to shape the wires at right angles. The flat smooth jaws of the plier bring about an efficiency while picking up delicate wires. While making wire wrapped jewelry, this plier facilitates gripping, manipulation and positioning of wires, which is a difficult task otherwise.

Crimping Pliers

Crimping the beads is something that is done crudely, otherwise it makes the jewelry look very amateurish. Using a crimping plier, which makes a figure of eight at the jaws, enables quick folding. One can easily insert beads once the wire is properly crimped.


A hammer is used to reshape or to shape metals.
A variety of jewelry making hammers gives the artist the scope to design and shape a wide range of items. Additionally, hammering gives the metal a unique texture too.


Sewing is the main function of needles. Many a time, you may need to sew beads, stitch a piece of jewelry on fabric or use threads of varying thickness to make your jewelry item. Needles are required for all these purposes.
Other than the tools mentioned, you will also need files. A file is primarily used to smoothen a rough surface. There are a wide range of files for jewelry making, which are usually sold in a pack. A good file gives jewelry making ample scope to mold, sculpt and design the metal in a desired way.
Additionally, cutters are very important while making jewelry. Using your hands or your teeth to remove the extra wires can prove to be dangerous. A flat side flush cutter is what you will need. This cutter can be used to give the wire different cuts too. Investing in a good cutter will be beneficial as you perfect your hobby of jewelry making.
You may also need a bead tray, a proper storage box for these tools and the basic raw material required for making jewelry. If you are just starting out with making jewelry, begin with plastic beads and metal wires. Once you get a grip of how to use the equipment, making precious jewelry items will only take your imagination!