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Double Wedding Ring Quilt That is Perfect to Get Tucked Into

Kanika Khara May 4, 2019
A double wedding ring quilt is an emotional keepsake for the couple to cherish throughout their lives. The connected rings in the pattern symbolize love, romance, and marriage. Here is a step-by-step procedure to sew this quilt yourself.
A double wedding ring quilt consists of two layers of interlacing wedding rings, that intersect and overlap each other. It is made from high quality fabrics, and the arc-shaped pattern gives it an innovative and pretty look. Unlike other quilts, this one not only keeps you warm, but also holds an important meaning to it.
The interlocking circles on it are considered to express the unbreakable love between a couple. It is also said that the rings on the quilt represent the rings exchanged by the couple while getting married. Buying a quilt can be an expensive affair. Here is an easy way to sew one yourself.

How to Sew a Wedding Ring Quilt

You will need a few things to make the quilt. Different quilt pattern blocks, a sewing machine, and some common sewing supplies are the most important prerequisites needed for the task. Once you have these ready, you are all set.
1. The first and most important step is to create a perfect arc. Quilting can be a cumbersome task for beginners, therefore, it is recommended to either buy a ready-made acrylic pattern, download a free pattern from the Internet, or refer to a book or some other source for the pattern. These will help you know how to get identical blocks.
2. You can make your own arc pattern with a tissue paper. Cut a square of 12 inches. Fold the paper into fourths or quarters in such a way that you get a 6-inch square. Trim the outer edges to form a curved edge on a triangle. Now, trim the inner portion so that you have a ring when you open it. By tracing the folded creases, cut the ring into fourths.
3. Apply this pattern to cut eight more arcs, four in each of the two fabric colors. You should end up with four squares of different colors. Make sure the width of the squares is more than that of the arcs.

4. Take the background fabric and cut a 12-inch square, and two rectangles of 12 by 4 inches.
5. Now, take two different color arches, and join them together to form an oval. Sew these arches to one of the background rectangles, taking one arch at a time. Put a small square with the opposite side up, to cover the spot where the rings meet. Stitch diagonally from the bottom corner to the top corner.
6. Fold the fabric so that the right side is facing up, and the flat edge of the triangle is facing the center of the two arcs. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the rings.

7. Secure these pieces along the neighboring sides of the 12-inch square, so that a similar color arch is facing the center of the square.
8. Repeat the steps till you have sufficient pieces to make the quilt. Assemble the blocks in such a way that each edge of the background squares consist of a piece of ring pattern over them.

9. Stitch these pieces together in rows so that you have a chain of rings, and then place the neighboring columns together.
Wedding quilts became popular in the early twentieth century, and are the most preferred bed covers even today. They are especially preferred by newlyweds. If you follow the given instructions, it's quite easy to make these quilts.
You can even add variations by using different fabrics like heirloom clothing for its design. So, go ahead and give a new, warm, and inviting look to your room.