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How to Make Crystal Jewelry

Madhavi Ghare Mar 3, 2019
Read on to know about the types of crystal jewelry, and a simple method of making a crystal necklace for yourself.
Crystal jewelry is fast becoming popular nowadays. You will find a variety of such jewelry items in the market to suit different occasions. The reason for this is quite simple actually.
With handmade jewelry, you can specify the colors you want, and the method of making that you like. Besides, you are assured that your piece is certainly one of a kind and won't be a run-of-the-mill piece available in every store.
Such jewelry is available in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and even crystal earrings and finger rings―which can be worn everywhere. Not only does it add beauty to your outfit and personality, but it can also create an aura of sophistication about you.
Crystals are normally colorless and often shimmer with an iridescent glow. But you can also find crystals in a variety of colors to match your outfits or tastes.
Austrian jewelry is often the most prized, and costlier as compared to other jewelry pieces in the market. This is largely due to the high quality of the crystals that are sold by them.
Bridal crystal jewelry is also gaining popularity recently. Beadwork on wedding dresses can add luster and shine to your special occasion. You can thus make your wedding dress a valuable keepsake.
Crystal jewelry can be made using a variety of materials, and can find application everywhere. As mentioned before, crystals can be beaded onto bridal dresses.
Beads can also be beaded into other outfits than a bridal wear, thus transforming those dresses forever into valuable heirlooms. Depending upon the purpose of the jewelry, threads made of either metal, yarn, or plastic can be used to bead them together.
To make a simple crystal necklace, you will need some crystal beads, a metal thread, and a pair of small-sized metal pliers which have a built-in cutting mechanism as well.
You may find crystals which already have a hole in the middle for threading purposes, or you can use crystals which do not have such a hole. First you have to make a knot with the thread. Using the pliers, twist the metal thread so that it loops into the shape of a tear drop, and then use some more thread to loop it around the joint, to fix it in place.
If you have crystals which do not have a threading hole, you use the metal thread to form a casing around the surface of the crystal with the pliers. Don't encase the crystal with the metal.
Just 3 turns around the crystal―the first around the poles, second around the center and third diagonally around the crystal―should do the trick. This takes a bit of practice. If you have a crystal with a hole for threading, then pass the metal thread through the hole and then twist the thread once around either the poles or the center of the crystal bead.
Once the bead has been threaded/encased with the metal thread, then close the knot like before. This time, cut the metal thread with the cutting mechanism of the pliers. With the pliers, ensure that the ends have been firmly fixed and are not protruding. This is to ensure that the pointed ends of the wire do not hurt you when you are wearing the necklace.
With the next bead, pass the loop of the metal through this closing knot, so that the beads are connected to each other. Continue doing this till your necklace is of the desired length. Then with the loop of the last beading, ensure that the tear drop loop of the closing knot passes through the opening knot of the first bead, thus closing the necklace.
Although this sounds like a complicated process, it gets to be quite simple once you have the hang of it. So go ahead and make yourself a shining crystal necklace, and enjoy the admiring glances!