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Crazy Patterns That'll Give a Personal Touch to Your Quilt

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 20, 2018
Crazy quilt patterns means stitching blocks of cloth pieces over the foundation of the quilt. This implies application of various designs having both contemporary and traditional themes.
Quite contrary to the regular quilt designs, crazy quilt patterns are unique having random shapes and figures sewn in over them. This pattern became quite popular during the Victorian era and today it has evolved with many contemporary designs.
The scrap pieces are stitched over the basic fabrics to give newer and crazier versions of quilt designs. The latest collections have abstract figures and different types of elements knitted on it.

Crazy Quilt Design Ideas

While making an online purchase, check out the designs presented by them. Shopping outlets also have a wide range of collection for babies. If you are planning to make homemade quilts with crazy designs, then one can definitely work on one's personal favorites. Here are the most common patterns.

Animal Theme

Usually baby crazy quilt patterns have animal themes in them. This process is almost similar to ornamental techniques of quilt making.
First, cut out different forms of animals (like dinosaur, elephant, monkey, lion, etc.) on the cotton cloth. Now color the animals with fabric paint. Let the color dry up completely. Stitch the pieces on the quilt cover in a random fashion.

Piecing Design

This pattern implies addition of different pieces of fabric over the foundation in a haphazard manner.
Cut pieces of varying shapes and sizes for quilting the pieces. The designs can be blocks, cubes, squares, rectangles, etc. One can also pick up contrasting colors for the pieces or blend hues that would match the foundation of the quilt. Usually cotton and muslin pieces are used for making this form of paper piecing, that renders a rugged look to the quilt.

Abstract Design

Crazy quilts are also available with abstract art in them. Various forms of human faces, tribal portraits, and textured figures are crafted on a separate piece of fabric that are further attached with the foundation of the quilt.
Such patterns are normally painted with bright colors or dull shades that accentuate the abstract appeal. The additions are stitched in a uniform fashion that makes it look attractive.

Striped Pattern

Unlike the common form of stripes found over quilt covers, the crazy version of stripes means sewing in pieces of cloth that have been cut into vertical stripes. One can assemble multicolored fabric for this purpose.
Cut the fabric in a linear fashion and stitch them vertically over the foundation. Apply the idea of creating animal like stripes (zebra or tiger) over the quilt cover. The striped pattern is quite attractive to kids and teens.

Embellished Pattern

If one is looking for the gorgeous range of quilt covers, then opt for the crazy patterns that have embellishments in it. Embroideries are usually done with satin and silken threads.
One can select any pattern of cloth randomly and then enamor it with lustrous thread work. Then, decorate with laces and ribbons that would match up the basic fabric of the cover.

Checkerboard Design

Although quite common, the checkerboard design is absolutely vintage. One can mix match colors for creating a new look for the checkerboard.
Black and white check pattern is very common. For making a checkerboard over the foundation, first cut small pieces of square-sized clothes and stitch them over the cover of the quilt. Use diverse color combinations for this purpose. For example, make sets of red and blue checks or green and yellow checks.
One should explore their creative skills and come up with latest designs for enamoring the cover of one's quilt. Also, check out the modern collections of quilt designs so as to personalize one's own 'crazy quilt'.