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DIY Steps to Make Exquisite Hand-crafted and Beaded Costume Jewelry

Kashmira Lad Sep 27, 2018
Costume jewelry is not just about big brands and expensive buys. If you feel the urge to explore your creative talent, then here are some easy ways to make hand-crafted and beaded jewelry.
Any outfit can be altered to have different looks when combined with the right costume jewelry. It plays an important role in enhancing the looks of a person.
You could wear something bling for a casual evening outing or a pair of simple teardrop earrings for a formal dinner. Too much bling may not look that appealing, so one needs to maintain a perfect balance while selecting jewelry items for the right look.
Handmade jewelry has its own charm. Wearing your own designs or gifting them to someone special adds to the personal touch. Today, one can see branded stores that cater to beaded and handmade jewelry.
It has gained immense importance due to the exquisite designs and novelty it offers. There are hand-crafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets available in the market. These even have semiprecious jewels and swarovski crystals on them.
If you browse online, you can even find several websites, which accept orders for custom-made, hand-crafted jewelry. Making handmade jewelry may not really be that complex as it sounds or looks. You can create it within the confines of your own home as well. Here are some tips to create some stunning pieces.

Beaded Earrings

You will need:
  • Head pins: 2 (these should have a flat head at the bottom)
  • Ear wires
  • Beads (any kind)
  • Round nose pliers (these are needed to make the loops)
1. Take the head pin and start putting some beads on it. You can experiment with the size and color of the beads. Opt for two colors in the beginning. This would help in breaking the monotony.
2. Now, you will need the round nose pliers to bend the free edge of the pin (bend it at 90°).
3. Next, bend the end of the pin into a loop to seal the free edge.
4. Finally, all you need to do is add a wire to the loop and your earring is ready to be worn.

You can try some variations to create new designs.

Beaded Necklace

You will need:
  • Clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimping pliers
  • Tigertail (a thin, nylon-coated steel cable which creates an illusion of floating beads)
  • Crimp beads: 18 (These are metal beads that are flattened onto the tigertail, which help in keeping a bead in place.)
  • 4mm beads: 8 (any kind)
1. First, you need to cut an accurate length of the tigertail wire.
2. Now, slide a crimp bead and a part of the clasp onto the tigertail.
3. Next, slide the tigertail back through the crimp bead. Once that is done, pull it tight.
4. Now, use the pliers to flatten the crimp bead, and trim the excess wire.
5. Once you decide upon the spacing between the beads, string them together and flatten the crimp bead, one at a time.
6. Maintain a correct distance to space out the beads. Once you finish adding the beads, add the other part of the clasp to the second end.

Use these instructions to create a beautiful choker that will give an illusion of floating beads.

Beaded Anklet

You will need:
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Tigertail wire
  • Clasp
  • Crimps
  • Beads (around 4 - 6 mm)
1. First, hold the tigertail wire between your thumb and forefinger. Now, slide the crimp bead onto the wire.
2. Next, slide one half of the clasp. Now, using your other hand, take the 2-inch tail and pass it through the crimp bead.
3. Do not push it too far, as it should be enough to the extent that you are able to hold.
4. Now, use the pliers to flatten the crimp bead. Make use of the wire cutters to cut any extra wire that is jutting out.
5. Now, you can slide the beads onto the wire. Keep the length in mind, as it should be able to fit around your ankle.
6. Once that is done, slide another crimp from the other end. The other half of the clasp will go at this end.
7. Push the crimps till the edge of the clasp, and use the pliers to flatten the crimp.

Your piece is ready to be worn!
Hand-crafted beaded jewelry offers various options to brighten up your day. They also serve as beautiful gift options or can be used as a good hobby activity to explore creative skills. Use this craft to create gorgeous pieces that are one of a kind and truly original.