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Cloud Watching: A Hobby that is Free of Cost

Divya Bichu May 6, 2019
Have you ever caught yourself gazing at the clouds in the sky, trying to sculpt shapes, figures, and patterns of your own? There is no denying this fact that most of us do; some practice it consciously while others aren't aware that they're actually doing it.
Everybody has a hobby to pursue in their free time, in fact a few even take their hobbies seriously and turn them into their respective professions. Amongst the many hobbies that people usually pursue there are a few unusual ones too, which are beyond a person's understanding who does not really practice them.
One such unusual hobby is the act of gazing at clouds, which is called cloud watching or cloud spotting. Most people look at clouds in the sky trying to carve pictures, designs, or simply trying to interpret their very formation, with nothing else in their mind, which is a stress buster in itself.
It might sound a little weird, but imagine spending an hour on your back almost anywhere in the world staring at the clouds pass by; it would be so soothing and relaxing. Moreover, unlike most other hobbies this costs you nothing at all.
Every time you are stressed, look at the clouds. It will give you a wonderful opportunity to watch the clouds unroll. They pass by appreciating life with great enthusiasm, which in turn will empower you.
This antidote of stress not only works in favor of adults but also helps little kids stretch their imagination and add to their educational experience. Find out here the benefits of cloud watching for adults and kids.

Benefits of Cloud Watching

It will surely relax you

Is there anything more relaxing than lying on your back, looking at the clouds with absolutely nothing in your mind?
You can either blankly stare at the clouds and smile to yourself, reflecting upon the happy moments of your life or probably just appreciate the impressive display of variations in color, light and form of the clouds, which relieves you off your built up stress in no time.
For years, philosophers, writers and painters have proved time and again the benefits of connecting with nature through their work. So, the next time you are stressed take a few minutes to stretch your legs and indulge in a cloud watching hobby, it will surely relax you.

Exploits your imagination

When you look up to the sky, you find yourself determining its pattern, trying to figure out what it exactly looks like. You might zero down on a sweet vanilla cotton candy and the next moment it might resemble a ghost! Well, the clouds are a huge canvas and your imagination paints it into a beautiful picture.
A reason why cloud watching should be encouraged amongst children at a very tender age is that it exploits their imagination and allows them to come up with something new, each time they look at the clouds.

Adds to your knowledge bank

Did you know that studying clouds can prepare you to predict the weather as accurately as what weather forecasters do? Well, it is indeed true. Take this opportunity to learn about the different types of clouds; their shapes, sizes, and colors. Every kind of cloud has something to say.
For example; Cirrus clouds are short and detached. They are usually found on high altitudes. They are whiter during the daytime and absorb the colors of the setting sun during the sunset.
The presence of these clouds in the sky indicates the arrival of the rains. Therefore, cloud spotting does not only help you improve your imagination but also adds to your knowledge bank.

Hobby that costs nothing

If one has an interest in clouds, one can never be bored even if he is in the remotest place of the world. Cloud watching can be practiced anywhere in the world without shelling out a single penny. It is a hobby that cost's nothing at all
A few enthusiasts carry a camera along to capture the beautiful sky and the various features of the clouds. In fact, there are societies and websites wholly devoted to this unusual pastime. These websites have wonderful photos sent in by enthusiasts.
So grab a chair or just lie on your back, relax and watch the clouds roll... hues of the sun, the blue sky, the beautiful birds; it all seems like watching a movie on a big screen. Go ahead, paint your imagination on the world's biggest canvas.