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Bracelet Making Instructions

Loveleena Rajeev Sep 27, 2018
Simple instructions to make different types of bracelets are given here. Use them to add a wide variety to your bracelet collection.
Bracelets adorn the wrist and can instantly give it many different looks. Delicate, dainty, elegant, loud, trendy, hippie, in-vogue, chunky, one can have them all with minimum expense.
Follow the easy bracelet making instructions that I have listed out for you, and flaunt bracelets in varying styles, colors, and materials. Now, you can make matching ones for all your outfits!

Friendship Bracelet

Materials Required:
  • Embroidery floss (strings)
  • 3 strands of each 6 feet long,
  • colors as per your choice

1. Hold and level the floss so that all the ends meet. Fold it in half and knot in the center. Clip one end together, so that the floss does not increase or decrease in length as you work on it.
2. Start from the side which is not clipped, and use the left-most floss to make a double knot around each of the other strings. When you are done knotting all strings, you will get a diagonal first row of knots across the bracelet and your last knotted string should be on the side opposite to the side you started from.
3. Start again using the next string and double knot it all the way across diagonally, as done previously. Follow this process until the bracelet is all knotted and the length is long enough to tie around a wrist.
4. Un-clip the opposite end, and use simple knots to close interlock the bracelet strings. And your colorful friendship bracelet is ready for your friend's wrist.

Hemp Bracelet

Materials Required:
  • Hemp wire, 1mm thickness, 12 feet
  • Beads, large holes, 8 -10
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • White glue

1. Cut the twine in half, two 6 foot lengths. Fold them halfway and using a pair, form a overhand knot to create a loop. So, you will have two loops made out of four strands.
2. Using both pairs make a square knot, and thread a bead onto the filler (loop) cords. Again make a square knot, and thread a bead onto the loops. Keep making these knots until you reach the desired length, end with a square knot, and snip off the excess hemp twine.

String Bracelet

Materials Required:
  • Colorful strings, 9 strands of each 3 feet long
  • Colorful beads, 10

1. Hold the strings together, and knot it on one side. As one needs to braid this bracelet, either hook it up or place it firmly on a surface to work the pattern. Braid the strings together, by dividing them into threes.
2. Try out different braiding patterns to create an ornate look. Continue braiding until you have reached the desired length. Tie a simple knot, and string in the beads, lock the beads using double knots, and cut off excess strings.
One of the best things about the these methods is that you can use strings, floss, skein, and yarn, adorned with glass, ceramic or plastic beads of various shapes, sizes, and colors.
And once you have got a good hand, try out as many designs as you want, and don't restrict yourself to just bracelets. You can look into some jewelry making ideas and designs, and get more creative by making anklets, waistbands or even headbands, anything that will add to your style quotient!