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Types of Beautiful Collectible Dolls That Anyone Would Love

Kashmira Lad Apr 17, 2019
There's no age barrier when it comes to collecting dolls. If they fascinate you, then here are some interesting facts for all you doll lovers.
With the variety of dolls that are flooding the markets, young girls as well as avid collectors are definitely having a tough time selecting these for their collection.
We can never forget the ecstasy of having our first Barbie doll. This was like a dream come true; the clothes and the accessories were the 'in' thing during those days, and owning a Barbie doll was almost like a status symbol.
Dolls have always caught are fancy, and it is something that can be an obsession for quite a few, where age hardly matters.
If you are seriously interested in the collection of dolls, then there are plenty of websites that can interest you. Besides, scrounging through yard sales may give you unexpected results.

Types of Collectible Dolls

They can be pure antiques, porcelain, belonging to a particular theme or era, or mass produced kinds. Various collection of dolls, such as the Barbie and Ken dolls, Kewpie dolls, Strawberry Shortcake and Friends, Ginny Dolls (Vogue dolls) etc., are very popular. These are made from various types of materials.

Porcelain Dolls

These have their origins in the 1800s, and are among the most popular of collectible dolls.
Available in varied shapes and sizes, their designs also differ as per the land they come from. These fine ceramic dolls are made by firing pure clay. They have a translucence that gives them an elegant look. Porcelain dolls that are made today are quite lifelike in their appearance.

Bisque Dolls

These are made of tinted and unglazed porcelain. The color is added by the doll maker only prior to the firing. Some of them go through multiple firing processes for a warm and rich look. These were an innovation in the late 1860s.
Bisque dolls gave a maker the scope to give it a very realistic skin tone. French doll firms are said to be the first ones to make such dolls. Bisque dolls generally have bodies of cloth. Most are not made entirely from bisque, because of the great weight and the fragility such a doll would have.

Cloth Dolls/Rag Dolls

Mothers have made rag dolls for their children since ancient times. These dolls refer to any kind of dolls that are made of fabric.
English and the American manufacturers first introduced such dolls in the market in the 1850s. Rag dolls may not have the sophistication of the dolls mentioned, but these were greatly loved as they were often handmade and also amongst the first toys any child could have. Raggedy Anne, created by freelance artist, Johnny Gruelle, became a rage worldwide.

Plastic Dolls

They are made from flesh toned, painted, hard plastic. Plastic dolls became very popular in the mid 1940s to the 1950s.
A famous plastic doll we would like to mention here is the Ginny doll. These were the most sought after until the arrival of the svelte Barbie dolls. The founder of the Vogue Doll Company created the Ginny doll.

Vinyl Dolls

Vinyl dolls are made of soft plastic, and took over from hard plastic dolls in the early 1960s. These are the more modern and mass produced dolls. The usage of vinyl allowed more freedom in doll making.
Here, doll makers could root the hair to the head rather than using wigs or painting the head area. Vinyl dolls became popular when fashion dolls started gaining prominence. The most famous vinyl dolls has been Barbie dolls with her sister Skipper and boyfriend Ken.

Wood Dolls

These are obviously primitive and such dolls are made of highly carved wood and often are a part of folk art. This is the earliest known substance that was used to make dolls.
The earliest dolls made were used for ceremonies and had a symbolic meaning. Most wood dolls were made by artists and manufactured by small cottage industries. The most popular wood doll was the Hitty doll.

China Dolls

Porcelain is used generically to refer to both, china as well as bisque dolls. As mentioned before, bisque is unglazed whereas china is glazed. This is what gives such beautiful collectible china dolls the shiny appearance.
These were manufactured approximately in the late 1930s. The French 'Bebe' was known to be a famous china doll in the 1850s. Bebes were usually sold with very exquisite fashionable outfits and were available for a premium price.
If you are a serious collector then do remember to check the condition of the dolls before purchase. Look carefully at the detailing. Many times, you may come across doll clothes that are as beautiful as the haute couture for women. Such items are also important for collectors. Do in-depth research before purchasing any particular kind of collectible dolls.

Famous Beautiful Collectible Dolls

Barbie and Ken

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Madame Alexander

Kewpie Dolls

  • Adora
  • Ginny
  • Raggedy Anne
  • Lee Middleton
  • Kitty Collier
  • Strawberry Shortcake and Friends