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Bead Basics for Beginners: Some Simple Yet Innovative Beading Ideas

Pragya T May 4, 2019
Beading is quite an easy hobby to start with. We will guide you with stepwise instructions on beading basics, and some interesting ideas to create bead jewelry.
Beaded jewelry never goes out of fashion. You can combine some multicolored beads with pearls to create a feminine bead necklace. You can take a black or brown thread and use some beads like surfer metal beads and string them together to form a bead for guys.
There is no end to the creative ideas for beading, but as a beginner start with something simple and basic.

How to Bead Jewelry?

The stuff required for beading is a plastic wire, a packet of seed beads, pliers, wire cutters, two crimp heads, and a clasp. To buy the beads, search for a local wholesaler who sells beads. You can also find beads online.
  • Step one is to gather all the stuff and lay the beads on a towel, so that the beads don't roll out. You can keep the towel on a table's surface if you like or you can keep them on the floor.
  • Decide the pattern you want your beaded jewelry to look like. Display it on the towel to get a rough idea of how it will look like. You can mix and match with different colors and sizes of the beads, and even keep some areas of the wire visible.
  • Select the length of the bead jewelry and then cut the piece of wire, which should be a few inches longer than the desired length. Take a crimp bead to attach one end of the clasp to another end of the bead wire.
  • Now, start stringing the beads one by one in the wire, ensure that you are following the right pattern. Most patterns of beaded jewelry start with stringing small beads, then bigger beads in the middle and then again small beads at the other end.
  • After you are done with stringing the beads, you will need to secure the other end of the wire. So, use another crimp bead and secure the end of the wire, and lastly use the wire cutters to clip off the excess wire length.

Beading Project Ideas

Here is a small list of simple jewelry ideas for you to try out.
  • A black or brown thread with an evil eye bead in the middle, with 3 diminishing sizes of black beads on both sides of the evil eye bead.
  • A bead charm bracelet with different trinkets like stars, moon, sun, hearts, etc., hanging on the beaded bracelet.
  • A simple dangling earring with three beads hanging from each wire. You will need to make a loop to slip the ear hook to secure the earring.
  • A French coil beading pattern stitch can be done using two contrasting colors of beads.
  • A small bead pattern with a shell hanging in the middle can be used to make earrings.
The given ideas were pretty basic, but once you learn making a simple beaded necklace and bracelet, look online for tutorials on different stitch patterns of trendy beaded jewelry to make more intricate and beautiful-looking beaded jewelry.