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Bead Loom Patterns

There are various types of bead loom patterns that one can come up with to make the bead work look attractive. Find a few popular and easy patterns in the article mentioned below.
HobbyZeal Staff
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Bead weaving on the loom is a very well-known art in which the beads are weaved between threads, called the wrap threads, held on the loom. The weft threads are those which are used for locking the beads weaved on the wrap threads. There is a specific pattern which is used to make the design on the bracelets or the accessories and this pattern is assembled with the help of a needle with which the beads are weaved on the loom. This wonderful art of beading has been around for ages and is still as popular as it was in the olden days. Beads are colorful, with unique shapes and sizes, and look great when worn as accessories. Thus, you can use various patterns to make varied types of beaded objects and enjoy the bright colors on clothes, bags, bracelets, chokers, etc.
Even though bead looms are used to make different kinds of beaded accessories, the most common ones are bracelets and neck chokers. This is because the threads used on the loom are specific in number, and the beads are weaved and locked in a horizontal manner to create the designs on the bracelets. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some very popular patterns which are very easy to make and look extremely attractive too. Here are some bracelet designs with beads, so read on and pick your favorite bead loom bracelet patterns.
One of the most common patterns are those of hearts, as they are easy to make and can be made in single-colored beads. In loom beading, it is very important to decide the pattern in advance so that you can decide the length of the bracelet (8 bead, 8 thread is most common). However, you can use two or more colors to make the designs varied, like a heart within a heart.
Animals and Birds:
Patterns with animals and birds are also very popular choices for these bracelets. There are many varieties in these patterns, depending on the ease of making them. If you are a fan of Native American designs, creatures like horses, eagles, bears, butterflies, etc., will be very appealing to you. These patterns look very attractive when they are made on light or dark patterns, with the main design being of a single color. These designs also depend on the width of the bracelet, and the number and colors of beads are decided accordingly.
Floral designs, like roses, lilies, lotuses, periwinkles, daisies, etc., are definitely some of the best patterns used to make bracelets. Except for a few patterns, the bead loom instructions are quite easy, and you can use as many colors as you want. Floral designs look very beautiful, and you can either make a single flower or a bunch, depending on the width of the bracelet. These patterns are used for chokers as well.
Geometric Shapes:
Another pattern to be used in making colorful beaded bracelets and chokers on the loom are geometric shapes. Shapes like circles, squares, quadrangles, triangles, inverted squares, hexagons, etc., can be used in various ways and in different alignments. You can add bold borders to the bracelets with these designs in the center to highlight the pattern. Bright colors, like orange, red, yellow, pink green, blue, purple, etc., are great choices for these. You can also use them to make alphabets.
With these easy and popular patterns, I am sure you have picked up your favorite pattern. You can come up with your own unique patterns and combine as many colors as you wish for these accessories.