Baby Quilt Patterns

Nothing could ever be more special than gifting your loved ones with a handmade baby quilt. Here are some ways of how to make easy baby quilt patterns.
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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2018
Quilt Background
An ideal gift for an expecting mother, or a treasure that is handed down from one generation to the next, the baby quilt forms one of the many items mommies-to-be will receive amongst other gifts like clothes and toys.
Quilt Stack
The quilt is usually used as a cover for the baby and sometimes even the crib. In fact, many also use it inside the crib and then adorn the walls with the same once the baby grows too old for it. This is usually done for sentimental value.
handmade quilt
Although stores stock wide range of quilts, best are handmade quilts made by loved ones. With the beauty of quilts, the thought also counts into its creation, making it more desirable.
Some of the most common patterns used for making these quilts are ducks, letters of the alphabet, trains, planes, and cartoon characters.
Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing the Baby Quilt Pattern
● The purpose of the quilt―is it meant to cover the baby, or is it to be used as a bed cover, or simply as a wall hanging. This will help you determine the size of the quilt. Once the size is finalized, it will be easier to finalize the pattern, as some patterns look good on a bigger area.
● It is also important to know the occasion and then choose your colors accordingly. If it goes on the wall, think about the colors of the room and co-ordinate it thus.

● Think about the material and how it will support the design. The fabric goes a long way in displaying the design.
Easy Patterns for Baby Quilts
Patchwork Quilt Basic Pattern Square
The most basic patterns is the square and blocks. Here are two ways to make your own design. An easy baby quilt to make, this pattern can be made into a lap robe by using scraps of material. You can even make it larger by adding longer rows.
Method #1
  • Use different fabrics and cut 6" x 6" squares―around 64 in total.
  • Now arrange the 6" squares in rows. This should be in every other color. 
  • You should lay them in such a manner that eight should go across and eight down. 
  • Next, pick up the first row of eight and pin it together with a number one on it. 
  • Repeat this procedure for all the other rows. 
Machine Sewing Patches for Patchwork Quilt
  • Next, sew each row. The squares should be all sewn together but in row one. 
  • Proceed to do row two next and continue with the same pattern. 
  • Make sure that you use a ¼" seam. 
  • Once the rows are done, sew them all together. 
  • Now, press the seams towards the border. 
  • Once done, layer and quilt by hand or machine.
  • Cut some strips of 2¼" length of the quilt. The strips are to be used as borders. 
  • Sew the strips to quilt once you put right sides together. 
  • Now, turn the quilt over. Sew the strips on the wrong side by hand.
  • The quilt is now ready to be used.
Method #2
  • Cut 7" x 7" squares―91 in total.
  • Arrange the squares in different rows, and number them as one, two, etc. 
  • Number 1 goes in the center of the quilt, followed by 2. 
  • Use different materials or scraps for the rows. 
  • Now, pick up the first row. You have to pin these all together. 
  • Use the number one row on it. Repeat the procedure for the other rows, marking rows 2, 3, etc. Each row needs to be used. 
  • The squares should be all sewed together in one row. 
  • Repeat for the other rows. For this, use a ¼" seam. Next, press the seams together. 
  • All the seams from row one and other odd rows have to be pressed down. 
  • The even rows should go seam up. The odd and even row placement is very important. 
  • Once the rows are pressed, it is time to sew the rows together. 
  • The seams should now be pressed all over to the left and sewed. 
  • You can layer and quilt using your hand or machine.
  • For borders cut strips 2¼" wide and the length of the quilt on all sides. 
  • Use the right sides of the strip and quilt and sew together.
  • Next, sew ¼" from the edge. Use the wrong side to sew strips down by hand.
  • The quilt is now ready.
Quilt Pattern
There are several innovative methods available for making some really unique baby quilts. The designs can involve fantasy, animals, and nature, or even rag quilts where you don't have to worry about having perfect seams. A quilt is one such gift that will definitely be cherished forever.