Super-cute Baby Blanket Ideas That are Sure to Melt Your Heart

Baby Blanket Ideas
Baby blankets are not just coverings to swaddle your baby in, but beautiful canvases with many untold memories of your kid. That tender coat, supple color and feathery texture is a testimony to your baby's growing years. To make this time memorable, there are many innovative ways to make baby blankets.
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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2018
Newborn Sleeping In Blanket
Babies swaddled in cute blankets is one of the most beautiful pictures in the world. The soft, colorful baby blankets are comforting enough to put your baby to sleep. If you have a baby, you will perhaps have a drawer full of baby blankets.
Blanket New Born Kid Hat
Baby blankets are very useful and come in handy on several occasions. You may swaddle your baby in a blanket or cover her by throwing one on her baby crib. You can also spread it on the ground so as to let your baby sit on it and play.
Baby Stroller At The River
At times, you may also throw a blanket on her baby stroller or at the back of her car seat for additional comfort. You can find baby blankets in various size and patterns that cater your baby's every need. You may also consider making baby blankets yourself, as it is a very pleasurable experience.
Fleece Baby Blankets
fleece baby blanket
Fleece is the most versatile and easy to work fabric for baby blankets. The ends of fleece do not get frayed, hence they don't need a professional finish.
Baby Blankets
If you are concerned about your baby's safety due to polyethylene terephthalate in fleece, you may go for an eco fleece which is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Depending upon the age of your baby and the intended use, you may choose a fleece blanket in any size between 30'' to 50''.
Pink Baby Blanket
Fleece blankets look great with typical blanket stitches, sewn with embroidery thread of contrasting or complementing color. Since, the edges of fleece do not fray, you have ample scope to experiment with the finish of edges.
Happy Baby
Scalloped edges look great on fleece blankets than straight edges. However, make sure the rounded edges are perfect and even throughout the blanket.
Patched Baby Blankets
patched baby blanket
A colorful baby blanket or quilt with an intricate patchwork looks pretty. This is a bit complicated to make as it involves cutting pieces of several fabrics and sewing them together. Nonetheless, once you finish it, you will have something to look at admiringly.
To begin with, collect pieces of fabrics in either cotton or busy. Cut the fabric pieces into squares of 2''x2'' and 4''x4''. Sew four 2''x2'' squares together, so that you get a single large square of size 4''x4''.
Crochet Blanket Detail
Alternate the newly sewn large squares and the original 4''x4'' squares and spread them on floor. Transfer you layout on a cardboard sheet, so that you can transport it to the sewing machine. Now sew the squares together as per the layout.
Stylish Baby Blankets
Cute Baby Under A Blanket
If you do not have the time for making a baby blanket of patchwork, but still want to customize your baby blanket, you can simply choose to render different styles to a ready-made baby blanket.
a poncho made out of blanket
For instance, you can make a baby poncho out of a baby blanket, by making a hole at the center, for baby's head. This way, you can keep the blanket on, even while your baby plays or waves her arms.
Another option is making a baby version of an adult snuggie. Simply attach sleeves to the blanket and make a hole for head. You may also attach a hood to keep your baby's head warm.
You may also enhance the utility factor of a baby blanket by attaching several small baby blankets with Velcro, so that it resembles a mini carpet. You can throw this carpet on the floor whenever you are visiting friends. This way, you won't have to bother about ruining your friend's expensive rug. Also, your baby will love playing on her familiar blanket.